The Long (sad) Story of U.S.

I harbor no love for The New York Times, which I consider to be arrogant, liberal, and self-satisfied. But I have to give credit where credit is due. The Old Grey lady has managed to capture the dramatic story of America’s post-war economic rise and fall in these chilling graphics.

NYT Debt as Percentage of Household Income 1950-Present.png

 I would have thought the Wall Street Journal or The Economist might have done it instead, but there you go. 

NYT Wealth Distribution Chart 1950-Present.png

And the numbers tell us we’ve gotten ourselves into a real mess. Although naturally the Baby Boomers – America’s spoiled children – rode the fat part of the curve in the 50’s and 60’s,  leaving ensuing generations to foot the bill. How typical.
NYT Income Gain Chart 1950-Present.png
Welcome to the 21st century’s Lost Generation.
NYT Productivity Charge 1950-Present.png